Fast Track to Struts - Chapter PDF Available for Download


News: Fast Track to Struts - Chapter PDF Available for Download

  1. A chapter excerpt from 'Practical J2EE Application Architecture', an upcoming book by Nadir Gulzar (published by McGraw-Hill/Osborne) has been posted. This chapter looks at the key benefits of Struts, and illustrates its configuration and usage semantics. It also explores the design patterns implemented by Struts, the semantics of the controller, and the associated helper components.

    'Practical J2EE Application Architecture' is scheduled for publication in March 2003.

    Read 'Fast Track to Struts: What it Does and How'
  2. BORRRRING!! By ch4 he should have at least given 4 examples
    on HOW TO USE STRUTS. Simple ones to get the reader involved, and to build confidence in using this technology.
  3. Introductory material. Provide some meat for exp users
  4. Thanks for posting the chapter. I admire what you people are doing and wish you much success. Please take my comments in the constructive spirit intended. Feel free to ignore any of the peanuts from my peanut gallery.

    From your description of the book at the bottom, I thought this was going to help me "see the forest through the trees". This chapter was just more trees.

    Maybe this is elsewhere in the book, but you don't relate what's happening here in Struts to the other pieces of the architecture or other potential front-ends for J2EE applications, such as applets. Some readers might want a clearer picture of Struts' benefits are.

    You seem to make a lot of assumptions about the reader. Some readers may not be drinking the same Struts/MVC kool-aid.

    For a "practical" book, this is heavy on stuff that should be in a manual someplace and light on examples.
  5. Very poorly written article.
    I abandoned it after 4 pages.
    There are no diagrams or enough
    clarity in what is written to give
    the average reader a chance to
    retain information.
    The writting style is akin to a
    bowl of spaghetti.
  6. Good architectural perspective[ Go to top ]

    The article was very helpfull in my first attempts to understand how struts works and how it might fit into a system I am designing. Clearly, this is a higher level discussion meant for architects in the early stages of system design.