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    I just saw an article in a past issue of Austin Biz Jounal saying that Precise owns
  2. Paul,

      You originally posted this as a news item and I've moved it here to the feedback forum, where it belongs. I recently also did that to another thread. You also cross posted this to every forum on TheServerSide (except this one). I appreciate your enthusiasm, but I had to delete them as we do not allow cross posting.

      To respond to your point, yes, in June, Precise acquired The Middleware Company, and by extension, This has already been discussed in the monster Petstore benchmark threads, as well as in the thread I linked above.

      I understand and appreciate TSS members' fear that perhaps this may affect the quality of the service TSS provides. What I wanted to assure our members is that the independence of TheServerSide has been (and will be) preserved.

      TheServerSide will continue to maintain a firewall between the great content on the site and ads that are used by Precise or our other sponsors. TheServerSide's news page will still cover newsworthy events around all players in the J2EE space - even competitors to Precise.

     Frankly, this acquisition has been a good thing for TheServerSide. We are now even more independent that we were before (bigger budgets, more people, etc). Infact, TheServerSide has been financially self-sufficient since we started selling online advertising back in January, further giving credence to our claim that we are independent and unbiased.

      There will be more improvements and investment into the site that we have seen in the past. The future is looking great!

      And finally, for the hard skeptics, the proof of this lies in the last 6 months. Have you seen TheServerSide conduct itself any differently from the last year? We have not, infact, we have continued to grow and improve the site (launched the portability cluster, more tech talks, articles and book chapters), and we will continue to do so.

    Thanks everyone for having helped build TheServerSide into a such a great resource. We could not have done it without you!

    Floyd Marinescu
    Director of TheServerSide