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    I just wanted to know If i can put my .jsp files in my websphere application server. Where exactly do i need to put my files.

    Any suggestions will be really helpfull.


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    Put them in your WAR and deploy your WAR using WebSphere's admin console, WebSphere will take care of the rest.
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    Thanx for replying,

    can u tell me a litlle about how to construct .war and .ear files from my .jsp files.

    Thanx alot
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    Below is a WAR directory structure. Use ANT to create the WAR or simply jar the files into a .WAR

    other web folders

    An EAR contains the WAR as well as ejb jars and a META-INF folder that contains your application.xml.

    If you only have jsp's, simply create the WAR and WebSphere will create the EAR (with application.xml) for you when you deploy. It will ask you for your context root which it sticks in the application.xml.

    Hope that works for you...
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    Thanx alot. But i am still in little trouble.

    I have made the .ear and .war using the Application Assembly Tool. Its showing the content correctly under the installedApps. I have index.html and start.jsp files. But I am not able to run it using


    where /webapp/ATFP is my contect root. I have done everything like mentioned in

    except that i havenot installed their integra software, as I feel that is unnecessary.

    Pls Advice.

    Thanx in advance
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    integra is not necessary.

    Maybe double-check that your server is bound to port 9080 as your URL shows. Most installations Ive done have defaulted to port 8080. Also, if your app server is running with IBM HTTP Server in front, then you dont need to specify the port at all since it uses port 80 and it passes requests for JSP's back to WebSphere.

    Other than that, Im out of suggestions.

    Good luck...
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    I take that back, 9080 is usually the default (I was thinking Tomcat, not WebSphere).

    Still double check your port though...