JSR 109: Implementing Enterprise Web Services Final Release


News: JSR 109: Implementing Enterprise Web Services Final Release

  1. The final release of the important JSR 109 "Implementing Enterprise Web Services" is available. The specificaion defines the programming model and architecture for implementing web services in a J2EE environment, including how j2ee application code can find and invoke web services, how servlets/ejbs are used to implement web services, and how j2ee web services are packaged and deployed for portability.

    Read the specification and see the JSR.
  2. No Posts = 0 ? Maybe people left due to your incompetence during the 2nd review of petstore / j2ee Vs .Not

    Oh dear, even though i met ed roman myself, i 'concur' with the 'running' described by an ex TSS member.
  3. Hmmm. Actually, it could just as easily have been because it was Thanksgiving week, or because the publication of such a spec isn't likely to arouse a lot of controversy (given that it's already gone through at least two stages of public review and comment).

  4. Don't be so mean to TSS...