Flash mx + struts (J2EE) = is it possible?


General J2EE: Flash mx + struts (J2EE) = is it possible?

  1. Flash mx + struts (J2EE) = is it possible? (1 messages)

    Struts has given the use of web UI's that extra push to compete with real applications.

    But the use of jsp, css, ... is quite the living hell in my opinion. A lot of work has to be done, and the result is still a silly looking UI!!!

    Flash has been around for a while and i guess he will be playing a long time on the oh-what-cool-looking-site development. But what about the integration with struts? The j2ee petstore example that has been made in flash is a great example of how you can made a rather boring site look amazing.

    But what i can't find (even on the macromedia site) is the integration with Struts???

    Is there anyone out there who knows if it's possible or has even seen it at work???

    I think that for the moment these technologies could have some great results (except from the fact that flash ain't freeware!!!)

    On the same subject, but not as important. I read a lot about alternatives for the boring web UI, things like XUL, webstart, ... Has anyone a working J2EE example on an alternative UI than the standard webbrowser?

    Hope for some renewing responses

    Reborn Spirit
  2. Not sure how it works, but you might look at the Flash remoting product that Macrmedia makes. I know you can do flash-to-J2EE work with it (and I think .NET too). Don't know if it's a standalone, or if it only works with JRun.

    Jason McKerr
    Northwest Alliance for Computational Science and Engineering