how to know user sessions in memory ?


General J2EE: how to know user sessions in memory ?

  1. how to know user sessions in memory ? (5 messages)

    We are using WLS 6.1 + SP2 :
    My question is :
    1) how could i know how many user session objects are there in the memeory ? ...I mean is there any JSP page or some utility that you guys can share so that i can see the weight of the session objects in memory ?

    I need to debug something concerning "timeout issues" in our application running on top of WLS 6.1.


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  2. To find out the "weight" could serialize the session object to a file and look at its size.
  3. We created our own jsp for that purpose. You probably have a login page for your application. If the login succeeds, add the session into a static list of sessions, otherwise, invalidate the session.
  4. is it possible that you can send the code of this JSP to me ?
  5. jsp session monitor[ Go to top ]

    sure, if you leave an email address or upload directory here.
  6. It depends in part on the mechanism you employ for session handling. As far as the specifications are concerned, or the tools, I don't believe any tool exists that would allow you to achieve exactly what you are trying to achieve.

    For HTTP Session objects, you can make use of the events to handle it. For EJB Session objects, I think it might be a bit more difficult, as it is the container that decides when to passivate and activate the EJBs. Unless you implement a specific methodology to handle the session handling, I suppose it is gonna be a pretty troublesome thing to achieve..