PushToTest releases TestMaker 3.2 for J2EE Scalability Testing


News: PushToTest releases TestMaker 3.2 for J2EE Scalability Testing

  1. TestMaker 3.2 is a free open-source framework and utility to build intelligent test agents that speak native protocols (SOAP, HTTP, HTTPS, XML-RPC) to drive a system as an archetypal user would. TestMaker version 3.2 expands testing to include more J2EE standard services, including JavaMail protocol handlers.

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    Press Release
    Software developers are bracing for the 'laundry list' of new APIs, protocols and tools in J2EE 1.4 that is planned for February 2003 release from Sun. While the new software is big move forward for J2EE, it pushes software developers to learn even more technology to turn out complex, highly-functional and interoperable J2EE-based software applications. PushToTest's TestMaker is a test platform and framework for developers to assure high quality in J2EE applications.

    J2EE is going the way of the Internet: more diversity, more functionality, more chances to deliver code that does not always work. Sun's aim in J2EE is to enable software developers to build end-to-end applications. So it's natural that we will find Web (HTTP, HTTPS,) Web Service (SOAP,) email (JavaMail for SMTP, IMAP, POP3,) database connectors (CCI,) security, and a dozen other protocols built into the J2EE platform. My question is 'How is a software developer supposed to maintain high quality in a software application that integrates so many protocols and APIs'?

    Agile software development techniques (formerly Extreme Programming) and unit testing (Junit, for example) are good first steps. But these do not provide a test framework under which the entire J2EE-based application can be tested for functionality, scalability and performance. For that a software developer, QA analyst and IT manager needs a test tool that can simulate the entire behavior of an archetypal user to drive the application through its paces.

    TestMaker 3.2 is a free open-source framework and utility to build intelligent test agents that speak native protocols (SOAP, HTTP, HTTPS, XML-RPC) to drive a system as an archetypal user would. The new features enable TestMaker intelligent test agents to check and monitor applications, including email systems using SMTP, POP3, IMAP protocols.

    TestMaker is the software Sun, BEA, IBM, Elsevier Science and 2Wire use to test their J2EE-based systems. TestMaker 3.2 is the latest improvement to this classic test utility and framework since 1998. TestMaker pioneered the use of the scripting language (Python/Jython) and library of protocol handlers (TOOL) in a friendly graphical environment (NetBeans) to build and automate intelligent test agents that act like real users on an Internet-enabled system. TestMaker provides answers to Web Service infrastructure purchase decisions and enables enterprises to test systems and fine-tune software applications under development.

    TestMaker 3.2 includes these improvements:

    * The new Mail protocol handler enables test agents to check Internet email services for scalability and functionality using SMTP, POP3 and IMAP protocols. Test agents are enabled to send and receive simple text messages and messages with MIME file attachments.

    * TestMaker now supports a full implementation of the RFC 2965 cookie handling specification, including version 1 and version 2 cookies. This is accomplished by bundling jCookie, an open-source library by Sonal Bansal. This improvement applies to cookies for HTTP and HTTPS connections. The new code provides many useful methods to view and manipulate cookies.

    * HTTP Basic authentication now does Base64 encoding of the user id and password.

    TestMaker 3.2 is available for free download immediately from the PushToTest web site at http://www.pushtotest.com/ptt.
  2. TestNetwork is a second product from PushToTest. It compliments TestMaker by running intelligent test agents on remote machines - great for service monitoring - and concurrently on multiple machines for large scale tests. A white paper on TestNetwork and TestMaker is available for free download at: http://downloads.pushtotest.com/TestNetworkOverview.pdf.

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