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    Hi All,

    In websphere application server-4.0, There is a default host with 9080 as the port number. I tried to create another host with a different name so that I could work on that individually.
    So I took the help of the wizard and created that with different std_out.log and std_err.log and finally bound the host name with a different port number(ie 82).

    Then I deployed an Enterprise Application(*.ear file built with ANT) and it was deployed successfully and log files also created after I started the new server.

    But when I tried with the URl
    It says DNS Server not found

    Wht's the problem??
    Can anybody put some light on this and get back to me asap?

    Thanx in Advance...........

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    Did you regen the webserver plugin?
  3. Regenerate plugin and then start the newly created host
    manually in admin console.

    Dushyant Bhardwaj
  4. Hello Dushyanta,
    How to regenarate the plugin?
    I dont have any idea?
    Wht I found upon studying the properties of a perticular HOST, It has a automatic plugin control for the default host server..

    So do u mean i should add a new for my new server.if so, then wht values should i furnish to the fields it displays..
    Plz answer..

  5. Hello Everybody,
    Kidely tell me the reason why following error message is coming

    10061 - Connection refused
    Internet Security and Acceleration Server

    I have created a new host (9090) and assigned to my application which I installed in a new application server in IBM websphere 4.0.

    I have alos regenerated plugin just by right-clicking the mouse on the node and ran plugin regeneration.

    Did I miss out something?

    Can anybody say how to create a new server that makes use of a new host (Not default host,i.e 9080)