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    I am using jboss with oracle9i for a multilingual application. I am able to enter korean charecters at the jsp but it gets corrupted while getting stored in the database and hence the app throws an error while retreving from db.
    Initially i set the content type to UTF8 in jsp, and db chatset to utf8 and national charset to utf8. The colounm in the db were all varchar2.
    with this set up i got the error unable to convert from utf8 to ucs2. ucs2 i beleive is the internal representation used by java.

    To overcome this i changed the data type in the db to nvarchar2. with this and the earlier setting int the db, i got the error "TNS data packet Failure End of TNS data channnel".

    I think that the problem is with the driver. I changed that too but i ended with the same result.

    Is there any way out?
    I have to try an oci driver, but i want that as the last option.

    Thanks & Regards

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    Oracle Driver download page includes an extra jar for character set, maybe it will be helpful to you. go to and in JDBC download there's an entry like this: - Additional National Language character set support ( 11,760 kB)