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    I am currently developing using JBuilder 6 with Weblogic 6.1. We use JSP, Struts and BMP EJB. We do not have an instance of Weblogic running on everyones PC. We share a development server. I have never found the wizards or deployment tools any use.

    Just had a bloke in from Borland trying to get us to upgrade to JBuilder 8. But its so expensive.
    Had a look at IntelliJ and it looks like it does everything JBuilder does, but for a fraction of the price.

    Also, not that keen to do any upgrades until J2EE 1.4 is out. Is it worth waiting?

    Does anyone have any advice, suggestions or reccomendations for other IDE's?

    Much appreciated,


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    We use eclipse. It is free and developers here love it. Why don't you try it. We debug using Jboss and it is easy to configure. You can also use weblogic if you want.
  3. how about jsp in eclipse?[ Go to top ]

    i like eclipse but i haven't found any support for jsp! Where do i have to look for that? Plugin?
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    Everyone here has been migrating from their dev tools into eclipse. It is a great tool.
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    Not everyone is migrating to eclipse... some of us are migrating to IntelliJ IDEA. It's not free, but very worth the price.

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    I am required by my code of ethics to recommend command line and vim. vim is a far better code editor than any java ide. Plus, you can use all it's power to edit anything and it works with any development environment and on any platform.


    Emacs is also acceptable.
  7. Go open source[ Go to top ]

    You can use Eclipse,NetBeans,jEdit. All are good and free as well :-)
  8. Go open source[ Go to top ]

    How about debug.exe ?
  9. Thanks, lots to look at[ Go to top ]

    Thanks for the ideas. Given me lots to look at.
  10. Java Open Source IDEs[ Go to top ]

    http://java-source.net has a list of all Open Source Java IDEs