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    I am designing an application which requires a credit card validation thru net.Are there any ready made enterprise beans available in the market?Or If I would like to write my own bean where shoud I get the database of creditcards.

    Pls help me

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       For Creadit card validation, It depends on the application server you are using. If u are using ATG Dynamo Application Server then they are providing FRAMEWORK for Credit card Transaction. Try for it.
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    Verisign has a service called PayFlow Pro that has an XML API. I dont think its SOAP, but same idea.
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    Thanx for the msg.I am using Weblogic7.0 application server.pls help me in this regard.
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    Here is a FAQ on Versign's site that may get you started...

    There is an SDK for this service that probably has some Java client examples and some sample XML messages.