Where/How do applicatioins fail in production?


General J2EE: Where/How do applicatioins fail in production?

  1. I'm doing some research on the topic of applications in production and I'd like to get feedback on Where and How applications fail in production. If you have any experiences here I'd love to hear about them. I'll post the results of my research.

    Michael Mattox
  2. Running out of disk space
    Losing network connectivity with external resources (e.g. database)
    Someone not checking for null!
    resource leaks
    memory leaks
    someone didn't set the runtime memory args to the JVM properly

    basically anything the programmer assumes will not happen, will happen.
  3. I'll add in:

     - Operator error
     - Badly formatted input into a server/process/feed
     - Faulty release into production