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    First, let me say that I think it's great that so many tech interviews are done and available on this site. However, video is a very poor method of delivering this content. For one, the video format cannot be played on all operating systems (and which can?). Second, it is not convienient to watch videos at work. Third, a video presentation of technical material adds little value to the material.

    Now, I see that text is available, however, it is transcribed in an almost unusable format. First, the entire video window is a tiny 640x480 popup. The text answers to various questions are displayed in a frame 25% of that size. AND, you must click "TEXT" for each question you want to see the answer to.

    Why not include an actual transcript of the the video as an HTML page, much like what is done by various websites and magazines? I cannot see the advantage to pushing users to watch the videos, and I would think that having the information available as easily as possible would be the goal. If the goal is to sell the ads that are in the popup, then provide a text transcription a week or two after the video "debuts". As it stands now, I never watch or read the videos, despite how interesting they look, because it is such a pain.

    Please revise the video transcription interface.
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    Completely agree with u Dave.Hope it gets noticed
  3. Hi Dave,

    Thanks for bringing this up. A full length text transctiption has been added for the Dean Jacobs interview. For all future and past interviews, we will also add the corresponding, full length text transcript.

    The video interface is by no means intended to be restrictive; however, you are correct, the video format we currently offer is not viewable on all platforms and I suppose it is a little inconvenient to have to click on each individual 'TEXT' link in order view the answers. This was actually intended to enable people to read along with the videos (as it is sometimes hard to make out what a speaker is saying).

    Hopefully, the full length text transcriptions (which will henceforth be made available), will make the Tech Talks more accessible to everyone.

    Thanks again Dave for your valuable feedback.