Security Propagation - runAsMode and runAsIdentity


EJB programming & troubleshooting: Security Propagation - runAsMode and runAsIdentity

  1. Can somebody explain me what runAsMode and runAsIdentity are. Where can I find some information on this.
  2. I guess you are using Webogic4.5x

    These properties are removed in5.1

    Also note that these two properties are Replaced by application role mechanisms in ejb-jar.xml and weblogic-ejb-jar.xml.

  3. hi
    these two are the terms generally used for authentication mechanism
    the RunAsMode specifies the mode of the user (rather principal),whether a method should execute with the identity of the principal of the caller,or the principal of the system, or a specified principal.(a principal is the onewho has a previlige attributes like access identy, group identity for authentication),
    RunAsIdentity runs with specified identity, that means principal can set or specify user name and password for authentication
    you can configure the security according your choice, by selecting either of these two