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    Hello Everybody,

    Can somebody throw some light on this. We can't invest on this.

    We are not able to decide whether we need 4-W2K Servers or 2-W2K Advanced Servers for our Servlet-JDBC application running on WAS 5 Cluster.

    W2K Server ----> 4 Processors
    W2K Adv Server ----> 8 Prcoessors

    W2K Adv Server is going to be very costly compared to W2K Server.

    I suggested 4-W2K Servers instead of 2-W2K Adv Servers, because of reduced load on each box and high availability. Am I correct?

    Our application has maximum of 4000 users and 50 concurrent transactions. In future we may chnage our application to use EJB. Does it have any impact on this hardware configuration?

    We can't go to any other OS except Windows. Similarly we can't go to WebLogic. You guys know the reason!

    I appreciate your help.

    Thank you.

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    Can WebSphere/WebLogic use underlying multiple processors? Are the multiple threads(originating from single instance of application) distributed across mupltiple processors? Please clarify this.
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    Have you done any load testing to figure out the average load on Processor and per user memory consumption. Cuase you are talking about a 4 way box here ( hopefully with a GIG or more of memory ) I am sure you'll possibly get your stated requirements out of one. Agreed WebSphere is a little memory hoggy than WebLogic , but hey it works just as well ( OK I dont want to go there , allot of people may chew me up on that topic ;) )

    I am sure clustering is not a requirement in your case because you are not using EJBs, correct me if I am wrong. More over are the webservers going to run on the same machine or are they going to run on different machines? Do you have a inhouse IP based Load balancer?

    Having data on the Memory consumption and per user load will clearly help you decide if you need 2 / 3 / 4 machines. People have their choices, I prefer smaller configurations and more machines to one large beafy machine cuase mostly I run my servers on LINUX and its cheaper to cluster. Windows might hold a simmilar pattern however your system admin could get unhappy very easily.
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    Thank you for yoyr reply.

    We have seperate WebServers running on different boxes. We started doing Performance Benchmark of our application using simulated load.

    The main reason for Clustering in our case is "High Availability". We need to avoid single point of failyes. We have geographically distributed Wide Network in North America. We need 24x7 running website.

    Even for small applications, we need to implement failover.

    We use WebSphere 5 Network Deployment with IIS as WebServer.