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    We use ATG Dynamo 5.1 for our App Server
    needs and currently doing EJB deployment on the dynamo
    container. We are planning on deploying the J2EE
    application on a dedicated instance of dynamo. All
    other instances(sites) would perform a JNDI lookup and
    invoke methods on the EJB's that is hosted by this
    dedicated instance's container.

    The concern is now the single point of failure that
    might happen with this solution. Since all the sites
    lookup to this dedicated instance for their service
    needs, if that instance comes down for some reason,
    then all the sites would fail from that required
    service perspective. The question is, how do I go
    about achieving the fail-over feature with EJB's? Is
    there a way the stubs could be made cluster-aware and
    if one of the servers instance is down, could
    automatically route the JNDI/RMI-IIOP request to
    another server/instance? Is this feature available in
    Dynamo 5.1? I know that other popular app servers
    like BEA etc have this feature built in.

    If this feature is not available in ATG, the second
    question comes up and that is : Is there a way this
    could be achieved at the Application level code? I am
    throwing my 2 cents here: If I catch the
    CommunicationException and have the request routed to
    another instance on another backup server? Is this
    possible? Will there be a performance hit?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    To add clustering to an Java / J2EE app, you can use Coherence. It provides peer-to-peer clustering support (auto-membership, death detection, failover), clustered state (coherent data structures) and grid support (invocation service).


    Cameron Purdy
    Tangosol, Inc.
    Coherence: Easily share live data across a cluster!