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    I'm looking for real world experience of Oracle Portal, particularly the 9i version. Has anyone developed using it and is it any good?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I've done a prototype by using Oracle9iAS portal. In my humble opinion, I found the user interface is very confusing for beginner and really takes a while to get used to it. Also, in general the performance is so-so even you have a high end machine (at least this is my experience with Win2000). The good thing about it is Oracle provides the powerful PDK (Portlet Development Kit).
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    I am using Oracle Portal 10g and also using JPDK. For development it did have a long learning curve and after that we are able to achieve most of them. But there is severe problem in time cosuming request processing.

    Looking for others experience in this....
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    Unless you're infrastructure is already built around Oracle Application server, I would stay far away.

    Portal, in particular, has been a nightmare to implement into our business. It's integration with single sign on is perplexing. The UI is not intuitive, nevermind the administration. We've been trying to implement this for over 6 months and it's always something. Setting up and maintaining separate dev/qa/production environments has been a particular horror show. Worse of all, it is very tough to scale up, after an initial install. Beware of Oracle Portal.
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    We found the singel signon and Extranets accessing is well implemented in Portal 10g. We were able to integrate applications developed in different technologies as Extranets very easily. Struts based PDKs is a definitely plus.