abaXX elements 3.5 portal product released


News: abaXX elements 3.5 portal product released

  1. abaXX elements is a development environment for building component-based Web applications on top of JBoss. It is based on the proven J2EE standard technologies, including the JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library (JSTL). Web applications are built with components called Parts, which are implemented according to the Model-View- Controller pattern, tying together a plain JavaBean as Model, a Controller class, and a JSP page as View. It includes an integrated Portal Builder Toolkit and an application skeleton for rapid prototyping.

    The new release features an integration bridge for Jakarta Struts applications, an IDE plugin for Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA, access control for Web components (Parts), and a Portal Builder Toolkit with improved usability. Web containers that do not yet support JSP 1.2 are now also supported.

    abaXX elements is available for download
    at http://www.abaxx.com/elements.

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  2. very bad things[ Go to top ]

    the abaxx elements portal suite is a perfect example for how to do it not ... abaxx is a german company which can be descriped with two attributes
    - perfect marketing
    - very very bad concepts and implementations
    the company i am working uses the abaxx suite since one year ... and we are trying hard to get the stuff out
  3. pretty good things...[ Go to top ]

    Well, after reading this comment I asked myself: Where does this position comes from?
    I am currently in charge of a portal product evaluation process within my company. I have installed and tested very intensely four candidates also from the well known leading manufacturers. The abaxx components were one of these test candidates. We compiled a criteria catalogue based on our technical and functional requirements for the planned project. Each product was evaluated for each criteria.
    So what I can (hopefully objective) state is, the current version of the abaxx portal product is a very sophisticated system which accomplishes all the current Java standard technologies. It is very easy to understand and with the provided portal skeleton (vanilla) you are really able to develop your first portal very quickly (I did so!).
    Further on the openness of this framework enables an easy integration of existing Java web applications within a abaxx based portal.
    All the other candidates did not provide such flexibility and such an easy (vanilla) and slim technology.
    And if you have worked some times with different portal systems, you will see that it is a pleasure to develop with abaxx.

  4. re: very bad things[ Go to top ]

    hi robert,

    i miss the link to your own WEB Framework ;-)
  5. very bad things[ Go to top ]

    Hi Robert,

    seems to me you're just flame baiting. But if you're interested in a technical discussion why don't you tell us which concepts you don't like and why you think they are so very bad.

  6. Arguments please[ Go to top ]


    Do you have some objective arguments here? I've tried abaXX portal and it is very well done, very well integrated and runs equally on several app servers, which is very positive.

    Consequently, while I tend to agree with your "perfect marketing" point, I think all your points are very "black & white" and miss some real arguments.

    Have you really tried abaXX elements or was that just free-time-bashing-experience?


  7. Look at your own development[ Go to top ]

    Hi Robert,

    we both know from the Hypovereinsbank and the Bank Austria projects, that your own development of a web framework led to unmaintainable code as well as to very bad (better: no) support and documentation. It was simply bad. And we both know also, that there were intentions of reusing the abaXX components by your own developers (at least they told, they wanted to do that). And we both know your own concepts of integrating a content management system into a portal which would have been much easier with using the abaXX components. And finally: I don't know, what could be the reason for you to blame software frameworks...you are no developer at all...Java is nothing, you're familiar with. So please do what you're able to do (creating powerpoints may be one of those things, maybe)

  8. abaXX technology[ Go to top ]

    Even after being 'downsized' by abaXX I have to say that their technology is quite nice, especially the latest versions. Their management may suck but R&D has some pretty clever guys.
  9. I just have downloaded the exe version of the abaXX elements 3.5 install file and my Norton Antivirus pop-uped a backdoor virus (backdoor.irc.dr) alert message. has anyone experienced the same?
    not a good start :(
  10. Hi!

    Thanks to Oliver!!
    We verified an alert with the latest Norton AV-Definition (6 May 2003) within the SFX-Modul of the Self-Extraction-File (exe).
    We removed the exe-file from our webservers. Please download the ZIP-Version.

  11. well done[ Go to top ]

    thanks for the amazingly fast problem resolution.
    I will definietly continue the suspended product evalution process.
  12. NO BACKDOOR VIRUS :-)[ Go to top ]

    Hello again,

    the absolutly latest virus definition from Norton doesn't report any problems with the exe-file. You find the latest definition at:

    For Windows x86 platform use: 20030508-003-x86.exe or later!

    Yesterday's virus-definition (20030507-004-x86.exe) wrongly reports a backdoor virus.

    Thanks anyway
  13. not to criticize...[ Go to top ]

    ...but, there seem to be some bugs on the abaxx.com homepage itself. I know the webpage does not necessarily reflect the product, but I assume abaxx.com is a showcase of their own product, and it is the portal functionality in particular that is broken. The "portlets" on the left side do not minimize (Quick Links, Get AbaXX Elements) and when you are not on the home page, attempting to do so takes you back to it. Those on the right side, (Get it, Did you know, News, etc.) do minimize, but they are all displayed twice on the home page (but only once on the Product page.)

    This is fairly scary, and reminds me of troubles I've seen with other "enterprise" portal products. It may be that this is a minor issue, but it's symptomatic of much deeper problems that I have seen, and have heard others complain about on other portal products. *cough*BEA*cough*ATG
  14. re: not to criticize...[ Go to top ]

    it was a minor issue, just a wrong HTML snippet...