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    Dear friends

    I am a new freebee to the world of internet programming.
    Was previously working on microsoft platforms.some month back have switched over to Java development enviornment.
    Also I am interested in MySQL,Linux.
    After fininshing the corejava issue ,I am heading over to server side programming.Have needed knowledge about Servlets and JSP.Could anyone explain me what exactly is the difference between the ' web server' and 'application server'.So is APACHE an independant webserver or a twin engine (Web+application)server..?
    Also please tell me Is APCAHE sound enought to run JSP's efficiently.

  2. WebServer : WebServer support for the HTTP Protocol.
    Servlet and JSP communicate to webserver and request/response service provide by WebServer.
    AppServer : Provides Objects regsitered on Server. EJB or CORBA or RMI, you need register the object on app. server and client lookup from remotely.

    Weblogic, iPlanet6.0 supports both appserver and webserver.

    Apache gives tomcat for running JSP and Servlet.
    see the below url and download the binary version of tomcat. tomcat is reference implmentation for JSP1.1 and servlet 2.2.
  3. thanks for the help.
    I will look into the details.

    anyways thanks again