Novell launches exteNd Application Server 5


News: Novell launches exteNd Application Server 5

  1. Novell exteNd Application Server 5 is now shipping. exteNd 5 is J2EE 1.3 certified and provides a web services engine and tools, server failover, clustering and automatic server restart, rich GUI and command line tools, etc. The release provides a platform for Novell's exteNd Web app development suite, and will be bundled with NetWare 6.5 when it ships later this summer.

    Check out Novell exteNd Application Server 5 and read the press release.

    Today TheServerSide added Novell exteNd Application Server 5 to it's portability cluster, along with J2EE-compatible application servers from BEA, Oracle and Sun. A separate news post will be posted shortly with more information about this.

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  2. I have been developing under SS3.7.(2/4/5) and now SS4.0 for nearly the last 2 years and have to say its not the worst experience I have ever had. Their workbench tool is simple to use and is quite useful for application packaging (we use it for ejbs, wars, and ears). All deployment scripts and plans are managed from the tool as well. It also has wizard support for removing the tedium of writing boilerplate code for main J2EE and SS classes. Deployment sadly is not even near the realms of hot deployment, but is managed from within the tool via the GUI. Also the editor side lacks features that you would find even in JBuilder4. Better to use an external editor with it as well.

    The applications we have developed utilise Director (formally EPortal - a typical portal offering), EJB (previously 1.1 now 2.0) and JMS.

    One of my major gripes (yes, there are quite a few) is the documentation (or lack of it). It was BAD and I suppose is now just bad. Sure, you can find the basics of how to use the tools and most frameworks have javadoc (3.7 didn't even have this...), but if you need serious information on, for example, transaction management using jbroker, or utilising their implementation of JNDI to support third party middleware (i.e. MQSeries) then forget it. Thank god their consultants and technical support are a friendly bunch!


    Note these opinions are my own!
  3. and Linux?????????[ Go to top ]

    SilverStream flirted with really supporting Linux for a long time. Their Linux server ports always seemed to be an afterthough. Hopefully Novell's embrace of Linux will eXtend (pun intended) to their J2EE tools. Are you listening Novell?

  4. and Linux?????????[ Go to top ]

    Yes I think they are listening.

    They (Novell) seem to be really interested in the Linux side. I was sorry to see SilverStream purchased, but the route Novell is going now with Linux support on many of their products is the right path in my opinion.

    Hopefully eXtend er... I mean exteNd ;) will see further improvments and better market share going forward.

  5. BEA is doing specific optimizations around Linux/Intel.

    With Intel's help BEA has shipped WebLogic JRockit, a JVM specifically optimized for Windows and Linux running on IA 32 and IA 64 hardware. Those are the only configurations it supports, so the focus on those platforms + Intel's help makes it extremely fast. There are also some great management features that are unique to JRockit.

    Check out the SPECjbb #s. JRockit has #1 and #2 spots for 4 CPU systems.

    Also, something that is not generally understood is that WebLogic JRockit is not just for running WebLogic Server. You can run any Java apps on it. Of course we put some special performance and management hooks into WLS, but it is still the fastest JVM for Windows and Linux on Intel for any app. For example, the SPECjbb #s are not using an app server.

    It can be downloaded at

    Sorry for the self indulgent pointer. Flame on!

    Eric Stahl
    BEA Systems
  6. Eric,

    Has something changed, or are you guys still only supporting RedHat Enterprise 2.1.

    I hat to sound bitter, but that right there pretty much stinks. I'm sure redhat has a lot of customers for enterprise ES/AS, but I've never seen one. I'm not (and neither are our SA's) gonna pay $1500 for our linix distros. Get it on a mainline distro (SuSE 8x, Redhat 8/9) and maybe then you can really say you've got linux.

    Jason McKerr
    Northwest Alliance for Computational Science and Engineering.
  7. WLS on Linux[ Go to top ]

    I just checked the cert pages and see the following for WLS and JRockit;

    WLS 7.0SP2 on RedHat 7.2

    WLS 8.1 on RedHat AS

    WLS 7.0 SP2 on SuSe 7

    WLS 7.0 SP1 on RedHat for S/390 and Z-Series

    WLS 8.1 on SuSe 8

    WLS 7.0 SP1 on SuSE Linux (SLES 7) for IBM S/390 and Z-Series

    JRockit 8.1

    You are corrent about AS, but I also see SuSe 8 in there.

    BEA Systems
  8. WLS on Linux[ Go to top ]

    Eric, isn't the SuSE support only for the Enterprise Server (about $800)?

    Mostly I was just referring to JRockit...

    I'd really like to see JRockit on regular SuSE and RedHat. I have successfully run WLS on RedHat just fine though.

    Jason McKerr
  9. WLS on Linux[ Go to top ]

    I'm just jealous anyway, 'cuz I'd love to use JRockit, but can't.

    Jason McKerr
    Northwest Alliance for Computational Science and Engineering