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    We are facing this problem in which when we update a particular field in a Oracle8i database,it is updating it with junk charecters.But the same ear from a different server(physical m/c) is working perfectly with the same DB.The pecularity of these junk charecters is that the first 3 charecters are only junk values and rest are fine.

        We gave print outs every where and found that there is no problem till the entity bean level.Can somebody please help with this problem ASAP

    Thanking in advance....

  2. Hello Prasad
    Check Your JDBC driver Class file . I think For 8i it is better to use classes111.zip.

    Iam pointing this only because we faced similar problem.

    B S Reddy
  3. If your same ear is inserting correct data into database from different server then insertion of junk characters into database from EJB could be database driver may be different on the other server.
    Is are server versions same on both machines?