Orixo - the XML business alliance

European Open Source businesses join forces

Rome, Italy, 16 June 2003

During the last five years, Open Source software has become increasingly popular in all kinds of organisations. This has led to a surge in the demand for support, implementation services, documentation and training. By pooling the expertise of a group of European companies, key players in several Apache projects, Orixo will provide these services wherever needed.

Many of the Orixo offerings are built around Apache Cocoon, an extensive Java framework leveraging and enabling best of breed XML technologies. Orixo members all include people who are active in the development of Cocoon and other major Open Source projects.

Orixo currently has member companies from Belgium (Outerthought), France (Anyware Technologies), Germany (S&N AG), Italy (Pro-Netics), Switzerland (Otego) and the United Kingdom (Luminas). The companies already have proven track-records in sectors such as banking, aerospace, media, and education.

Steven Noels of Outerthought sees value in bringing together commercial vendors with a community focus: "Orixo members are committed to active participation in the communities around these projects, and have a lot of experience in bringing Open Source technologies to the enterprise market."

Gianugo Rabellino of Pro-Netics believes that the new alliance will provide a better service for his large corporate clients: "Today's globalisation of companies, together with increased emphasis being put on cost-cutting compels the need for an Open Source support organisation that can think locally but act globally."

Matthew Langham, from S&N AG, is excited about Orixo: "The pendulum is swinging rapidly towards open source based middleware solutions", he says, "and with Orixo we can provide the support and services that organisations need, while at the same time remaining true to the Open Source philosophy".

Marco Nuzzo, CTO of RAINet <http://www.rainet.it/>, is delighted to see the emergence of the alliance: "This is great news for anyone considering or already using Open Source software. Pro-netics is helping us to focus our Open Source investments in delivering cross-media content to our users and partners. Orixo will offer an excellent network of support throughout Europe, with a firm foundation of expertise."

Sven Adank, Chief Front Application Development of Swiss Interbank Clearing AG <http://www.sic.ch/>: "This is great news for international companies which use Apache Cocoon for their application development. By knowing that Apache Cocoon support is available on an international basis, this gives companies the confidence to build Open Source based applications. Otego AG, one
of the Orixo founding companies, helped us to build a high availability platform for our customers by use of Apache Cocoon. Therefore we are confident that Orixo will offer a excellent know-how over Europe."


 * For more information about Orixo, see the Orixo web site at http://www.orixo.com/
 * For more information about Apache Cocoon, see the web site at http://cocoon.apache.org/
 * For more information about Open Source software, see http://www.opensource.org/
 * For a PDF version of this press release, see http://www.orixo.com/about/pr-20030616.pdf


 * Email contact: info at orixo dot com <mailto:info at orixo dot com>
 * Press contacts: Gianugo Rabellino (<mailto:g.rabellino@pro-netics.com>) - David Casal (<mailto:david at luminas dot co dot uk>)

   Local contacts

 * Belgium: Steven Noels <mailto:stevenn at outerthought dot org>, +32 478 29 29 00
 * France: Sylvain Wallez <mailto:sylvain.wallez@anyware-tech.com>, +33 (0)5 61 00 52 90
 * Germany: Matthew Langham <mailto:mlangham@s-und-n.de>, +49 5251 1581 30
 * Italy: Gianugo Rabellino <mailto:g.rabellino@pro-netics.com>, +39 06 51 53 08 49
 * Switzerland: Massimo Sonego <mailto:massimo dot sonego at otego dot com>, +41 (0)1 240 00 55
 * UK: David Casal <mailto:david at luminas dot co dot uk>, +44 870 741 6658