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    We are experiencing some strange behavior when using Struts 1.1 RC1 and JRun 4. Our application is internationalized and uses many Struts resource files for the static text. Most of the time, when running under JRun, everything is fine. However, it seems that if one rapidly loads a Struts page over and over or simply jump rapidly from one Struts page to another (not letting the browser fully load the page), Struts seems to loose its context to the applicable resource file and we get (for English anyway) ???en_us? in place of the static text. If one lets the page fully load, then the problem goes away. Too bad we can't tell our users to slow down!

    We can run this exact same application under Tomcat 4.x and WebSphere 4 and 5 without any problems at all. Only under JRun do we see this issue, even on different boxes and nothing shows up in the logs.

    Does anyone have any solution for this on may know what is causing it? We have JRun running under Windows 2K. Tomcat and WS running under Windows 2K and HP-UX.

    Have posted on Macromedia's support forums (mult forums, mult times) and no response - non - zip - nada...
  2. Have you tried the Yahoo Group?[ Go to top ]

    Just wondering if you tried the Yahoo Group. I don't know much about JRun, but the group seems to be pretty knowledgeable.
  3. Have you tried the Yahoo Group?[ Go to top ]

    Nope. I'll give that a shot. Thanx.
  4. It appears that the group is dead or no longer taking emails - Yahoo error about being a archive only when posting (despite using the published address to send messages to).

    So, anyone have/seen/know of a solution for this problem? Macromedia support does not appear to be much help.