Howdy All,

Most persistence technologies seem best suited to working with persisting simple, small objects models (e.g. a customer object, their bank accounts, and perhaps a bank branch object).

Can anyone suggest technologies suited to working with and persisting a shared large complex object model (e.g. an object-oriented CAD model for a "world" with a large number of objects and relationships)?

The example (CAD) is not good but I am just trying to give a clear idea that the object model will have a large number of related objects, related in a "complex" way and a large number will be used by each user.

The entire model is not needed in memory at any one time, but parts will be restored, used, and persisted again. I am thinking about persistence in a RDB just because the technology is more common (cf OODB).

This is to be a three-tier enterprise application with many users accessing parts of the complex and large object model simultaneously (so normal locking issues will arise, but not the focus for now).

I hope you can make sense of that, I realise it is not your normal request for an enterprise application.

Thanks in advance,
Ashley Aitken.
A dot Aitken at Curtin dot Edu.Au