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    Hi Guys
    I would like to implement a web service which can accept the
    incoming audio stream. Web service support soap, http(get, post),
    mime.... these protocols. But if without soap, we will lose the
    biggest advantage of web service.

    For example:
    I have a Recognizer App that translate an audio input
    in a sentence. I would like to implement this like a Service.

    Can I use soap to transform the audio stream? How will it turn
    into xml messaging?


    Álvaro Mota Gonçalves

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  2. Are you asking if SOAP-over-HTTP is a good transport protocol
    for streaming audio?
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    Streaming audio is probably impractical. But if all you want to do is transfer audio files, you can use Soap with Attachments (which allow arbitrary binary data to be attached to Soap messages).
  4. To transfer audio streams, it is possible to use Soap attachment. You may implement a porgam to record streaming audio or accept audio streams with web service protocols.