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    How do I determine whether my J2EE application will be able to handle certain no of transactions.
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       Determining how much load an application can take is a tricky business.
    There are tools available like load runner which will simulate multiple number of clients at a tiime and generate multiple transactions. With this kind of tool you can findout what is the threshold number for perticular application.

        Anather raw approach is to put a timestamp logger on start and end of a complex transaction code and take the time in mili secs. Once you have time available start putting .75 % time extra for each additional user load. this .75 % is a kind of tricky figure but is kind of ok as per our hashmap / hashtable rehashing balance.

       later after every 10 set of user increment reduce the total value by .75% of the 10 user transaction time. this way you will get a rough idea of how many transactions your application can supprt and how the response time is goning to get hampered.

     so the final formula will be

       t = time take for single transaction
       tCount = number of parallel requests to application.

       tNow = t;

       while(adding more parallel requests)
       tNow = (tNow * .75)/100;
       t = t + tNow;

       if (mod 10 of tCount)
         t = t - ((t * .75)/100)

    I guess better way will be to go for Load Runner ;)

    Hope this helps