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    Hello Guys,
    Can some one tell me how we can deploy application in Distributed architecture..??? I want to know what goes where? If I have JSPs, Servlets, Business Delegate, Command , Session Facade and Entity.
    I have 2 Web Servers and 1 App server and 1 Database server.
    JSPs and Servlets obviously go in Webserver and EJBs go in App server, but im confused about Commanc Pattern or Business Delegate pattern codes... Where they will sit? and How can EJBs be accessed from Web server?
    Your answer to this is much appriciated

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    Buy Rod Johnson's book "J2EE Design and Development"
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    This question is way to complex to answer here. There are simply too many options. I suggest your read a book on the subject. Two good ones are:

    * Patterns of Enterprise Architecture by Martin Fowler
    * J2EE Blueprints, available online at: http://java.sun.com/blueprints/guidelines/designing_enterprise_applications_2e/index.html
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    Thanks guys....!!!
    I will have a look at the Books...
    But apart from that s there any rule of thumb for deploying J2EE Application?
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    Here is are two rules of thumb. The most common problem I see in J2EE applications is direct interaction between the UI/web layer and Entity beans. The two "must use" patterns of J2EE are Session Facade and DTO.

    The second most common problem I see is poorly architected web layers. Pick some variation on Model-View-Controller for your web layer and stick with it. In the longer run, the extra work pays off in spades.

    The references above list many other helpful tricks, but MVC and Facade/DTO are probably the most important.
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    Thanks Paul,
    Thanks for the comments!!!