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    I am facing problem while trying to access webservice from a client.

    heres what I have from the java webservice part.

    The webservice, is built on EJB, and the EJB method has security at the method level. Based on what role they play they are allowed to execute that method. Basically the endpoint needs basic authentication, and this needs to be passed thru the SOAPHeader.

    scenerio and result:

    1)from a j2ee client, this works fine. I pass the user/password thru the SOAPHeader.

    2) FRom a .net client When I try to call webservice it gives 401 error saying user unauthorized.
    though i pass the user/password in soapheader.

    this means that somehow the webservice is not able to understand the userId nad password, passed thru the SOAPheader.

    anyone ever came acrross this problem. I am trying to solvethis for 2 days but without any result.
    can somebody please help?
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    Can you specify what you are using for deploying the web service.
    Are you using SUN kit or Apache-AXIS.
    If you are using Apache Axis then use some debugging tool (like Tcp monitor comes with it) or ehtereal to figure out which end the issue is cropping up.
    I think that will help in tackling the isssue.

    Chapter on Web service using Apache-Axis and Vb.Net Client with others.
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    thanks vishal. I saw that document. no, I am using Websphere assembly tool for deployment, not apache.

    Is there something which needs to be configured in IIS?