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    I was setting up my classpath and weblogic classpath using the wlconfig.exe. For some reason the config file is messed up, I can't start weblogic server and I need to undo my changes. Is there a way to do this. I have a copy of the original config file as a text file. Also if there are any other general suggestions regarding the usage of the wlconfig.exe, I would appreciate if you can share it with me..

    Thanks in advance

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    Type in wlconfig -help to get information
    on how to correct your settings
    back to your saved config file setting..
    Probably you must have changed weblogic classpath
    and java class path settings..
    (you could also change registery setting of
    System_Properties for weblogic...)

    Alternatively you can directly change(or start)
    startWeblogic.cmd in your weblogic directory..