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        I'm now working in a fusion between a Struts-based framework and a heavy client one (Swing). I heard that JSF can be helpful in this project since it can display Swing-style and personalised visual components in your WebBrowser. I'm not sure about it, is that true?
        Thanks for your help!!

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    JSF can do that but it isn't ready for production use yet and won't be for sometime to come, not to mention that JSF is overly complex without the aid of an IDE. SOOO, check out Tapestry instead, it has the concept of components that JSF has too and it is much more mature.
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    Thanks, just one question: what kind of UI look can I have using Tapestry, standard HTML component or Swing-like personnalised?

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    I think it is standard HTML
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    It is generated HTML but it's more than that. It utilizes renderers and controllers that allow for things like Tabbed Panels, Tree Views etc. that would be difficult to provide otherwise.