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    I wanted to know has anyone tried implementing Struts framework on ATG. What are their opinions on that? ATG does not support a pure MVC2 pattern like Struts does. Also ATG provides form validatiors(FormHandlers) just like Struts does in terms of ActionForm.

    So how do we balance the two frameworks? Are they in conflist with each other?



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    It has been awhile since I worked with ATG but the concept of FormHandlers and Struts are different. FormHandlers are Page Controller pattern implementation of MVC while Struts is Front Controller pattern. Are you still trying to choose between which to use or you just want to know how to make it happen? Your answer really lies in the problem you website is solving, will there be complex navigation or will this web application be ported to multiple clients with different look and feel and naviagation? Figure out which pattern fits best for your solution. However having used ATG my opinion is to say, "When in Rome do as the Romans" meaning do it the ATG way unless you STRONGLY feel using Struts (or another better MVC2 ;)) is important.

    Good Luck
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    Hi Kris,

    Thanks for your feedback. I am still trying to evaluate which is a good one. I am trying to develope an Enterprise Reporting application with out 150 reports(views). So the navigation is going to be complex. I am still not decided on which framework to use. I do agree with the fact that 'while in Rome do what Romans do'..:-))
    I am also looking out for anyone who has implemented Struts framework on ATG and understand the kind of difficulties/issues that they may have faced.

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    OK, I think you answered one of the big question and that is to go with a Front controller pattern implemented framework... like Struts.

    However I suggest taking a look at WebWork2. Reason, it is made up of 2 components, XWork and WebWork. The XWork component is the MVC while WebWork is just a Servlet wrapper on XWork. So you could maybe just use the XWork component and enbed it in ATG. Just a thought.