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    I'm beginning to dive into JDO technology. One of the questions I have is, does JDO allow a JNDI datasource as a connection or you've to make direct connection to database using url/db driver combo etc?

    I'd assume that if you plan to use BMP with JDO then you should be able to use a JNDI datasource (say, deployed in weblogic) with your JDO implementation.


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    Most JDO products allow you to specific that your connection is retrieved either from a JNDI datasource or directly from a JDBC driver.
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    Have you tried JNDO?
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    JPOX, an open source JDO implementation, provides a driver for using data sources.

    If you are not using JPOX, you can just get the source for the JPOX driver and use adapt it to the implementation you prefer.