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    I'm trying to develop a dto transfer strategy for a simple access to ejb.

    I think it would be best to obtain a business interface from a
    factory. The factory creates a new proxy instance, which delegates
    the method name and the argument object array to a generic session
    bean. The session bean instantiates new proxy instance, which works
    in the opposite direction an invokes the method on the corresponding

    Please tell me your opinion about that thought. Is there already an
    implementation? Are there better strategies?

    Thx for your comment.


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    I think you have too much time on your hands. Quit playing "acedemic" and get the job done.
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    Architecture needs are not mentioned so hard to suggest something. you should look into castor, BOF ( a specification from OMG). I created something which I call DEM. We are marketing and selling it now.

    It takes the DTO as an object and using MOF (meta object facility), insitantiation manager, relationship manager, and query service manager, it runs the query in the database. It is database independent.

    deepak mittal
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    javaworld had an article a while back about a bean factory that used delegates to create proxy object instances where the delegates (specified in xml) described the behavior of the proxies. We wrote a similar "shell" framework for our most recent project to handle service registry-type functionality and lifecycle management.
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    thx for comment.