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    I am using WSAD 5.1 EJB2.0 ...

    When developing web application, the external (3rd party)
    jars that the servlet or jsp refer to can be put into
    WEB-INF/lib for runtime.

    What is the equivalent for EJB (in particular a MDB)?
    I hate to have to add it to the websphere server
    classpath or ext.dirs.

    Thanks for you input.

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    Put your EJB in an EAR, and put the 3rd party JAR in the EAR as well.
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    Then use the manifest for the EJB to add the 3rd party
    jar to the manifest classpath.
  4. I am using WSAD 5.1 for development .
    I have created a enterprise project (j2ee 1.2).
    There are no errors at compile time.

    When ever I start my server ,
    Immediately at the submit of login button , I get a page not found in the browser.
    When I view the cosole I see a ClassNotFoundException.

    I have infered that my web classes are some how not getting loaded.

    I was not having this problem when I was using WSAD 4.0.3.
    After I transitioned my work to WSAD 5.1, I am getting this problem.

    Is there any specific setting I need to make so that my web classes get loaded.

    In WSAD 4.0.3 the compiled classes used to go to WEB-INF/classes folder and a web classes jar used to get created under WEB-INF/lib folder.

    But in WSAD 5.1 that is not getting created , Is that a reason why web classes are not getting loaded into the run time environment.

    Please help me with the setting I need to make in WSAD 5.1 where the web classed get laoded at run time.

    Can someone help to set web classes into runtime classpath as my web project is not getting loaded into the runtime environment.

    Your help will be greatly appreciated.