New JDO Releases: JCredo and Solarmetric Kodo


News: New JDO Releases: JCredo and Solarmetric Kodo

  1. New JDO Releases: JCredo and Solarmetric Kodo (9 messages)

    Two JDO vendors have new releases of their products.

    SolarMetric Inc. has released Kodo JDO 3.0, which implements JDO 1.0.1 plus a preview of JDO 2.0 features such as attach / detach functionality, aggregates in queries, and SQL queries.

    Riflexo has released their professional and enterprise editions of JCredo which also includes "named queries", SQL queries, and attach / detach from JDO 2.0.

    SolarMetric JDO 3.0

    Features of 3.0:

    - Improved reporting capabilities with support for aggregates
    - Attach / detach functionality
    - Support for recursively embedded relations
    - More version and subclass indicator options
    - Translation of Java field values to different database values
    - Direct execution of SQL SELECT statements and stored procedures through the regular JDO query APIs
    - MethodQL, a mechanism for using JDO's query capabilities to execute custom bits of Java code.

    SolarMetric JDO Home
    Release Notes


    Riflexo released JCredo Professional and Enterprise editions designed to boost JDO applications performance in both managed and non-managed environments, through the easy management of local and external caches, with query cache, LYRA replicated cache and a plug-in to Tangosol Coherence. Riflexo also announced that JCredo standard edition will remain free during 2004.

    JCredo Standard Edition includes all JDO 1.0 features, advanced features such as built-in L2 cache, prepared statements caching and batch execution, full support of Java Collection framework, native SQL support in queries, query extensions and transaction flushing as well as some JDO 2.0 advanced features like named queries and attach/detach API.

    JCredo Professional and Enterprise editions both include Query Cache, LYRA cache - Riflexo’s replicated cache specifically designed for the JDO standard - and the ability to use Tangosol Coherence as a clustered cache. The enterprise edition also supports BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, JBoss, Sun One Application Server 7 and Macromedia JRun application servers. These professional editions are brought to the market at a very competitive price with comprehensive 24 hours/day customer support services.

    Riflexo JCredo JDO
    Release Notes

    Good old Tangosol Coherence seems to pop up in partnership with any product that may need distributed caching as a plugin. Nice to see Cameron's name in press releases :)

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  2. News?[ Go to top ]

    I don't understand how this is news. Kodo 3.0 has been out for over a month now, and they are going to be releasing a maintenance release soon as well.

    I've tried both these products, and Kodo's excellent documentation and newsgroups made it a better choice for my project than JCredo.
  3. News?[ Go to top ]

    I don't understand how this is news.

    Na, Steven, that's a plug for Tangosol, of course. They think we are a bit silly.
  4. It's a conspiracy[ Go to top ]

    Andreas: that's a plug for Tangosol, of course

    Falem bem, falem mal, mas falem de mim ..


    Cameron Purdy
    Tangosol, Inc.
    Coherence: Clustered JCache for Grid Computing!
  5. It's a conspiracy[ Go to top ]

    yes it is ! we just relesead our professional/enterprise edition to create a plugin for tangosol :)

    Rodolfo Festa Bianchet
  6. News?...[ Go to top ]

    Good you're mentioning customer support. Let me take this opportunity to say that Riflexo is the first JDO vendor to offer 24 hours/day support.

    Unfortunately, Steven, you don't happen to be registered neither in our customer database for documentation, nor in our free forum. It's a shame you didn't read the documentation before writing this message: it's only 30 euros!

    Let me also underline that JCredo standard edition is free, Kodo is 600$ (including documentation).

  7. Hibernate[ Go to top ]

    Please allow me to mention that Hibernate is open-source, reliable, flexible and comes with good documentations.

    thank you
  8. Hibernate is not JDO[ Go to top ]

    Correct me if I am wrong, but Hibernate is just an OR mapper, not a JDO implementation.
  9. Hibernate is a nice orm[ Go to top ]

    Hibernate is an orm attempt to achieve similar things as jdo. I really like it. Nice job Hibernate team. Thanks
  10. Now there is news[ Go to top ]

    Now there is some news.

    Kodo just released v3.0.1 today which is the maintenance release I mentioned before.