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    Not sure if this is correct forum, but I was hoping to get some feedback on possible database options for an e-commerce application we are finishing. We are running Caucho's Resin application server on Solaris 9; we purchased a license for Pointbase during development since it was very easy to get up and running, but have run into limitations with it (slow inserts, limited SQL support, etc.). The big boys like Oracle, Sybase, etc. are beyond our means both from a financial and personnel standpoint (no DBAs on staff), and some of these "post relational" object-relational hybrid databases seem well suited for Java development and web services deployment. Some research online has lead me to consider Intersystems' Caché and FirstSQL's FirstSQL/J. Caché appears to have the stronger client list and track record, while FirstSQL is very Java-centric. Has anyone had any experience with either of these (or have other recommendations)? I didn't find much in the archives except a few press releases.

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    It may be that you need to move from SlowLaris to Dell Linux or NewISys 2100, they are about $4K

    I use postgresql with resin, and it works fine on large sites of mine, and postgresql also powers, a very large site.

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    I like postgresql very much, but the last I heard SourceForge has moved to DB2

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    I've always liked Borland's Interbase.
    It's open source sibbling, Firebird, is also good.