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    Can someone please let me know how to assign the key,value pair of HashMap to the Viewobject of Business Component For Java (BC4J) in Jdeveloper?


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    To be more clear about my question

    In the HashMap I have the following Key, value pair
    I want to insert it into the Database through BC4J
    (Business Component For Java)

    ViewObeject UcsPartiesView1
    PartyId 12344538
    PartyNumber 12344558
    PartyName UCS TEST PARTY
    PartyType CONTACT
    LastUpdatedBy 1
    CreationDate 2003-11-11
    LastUpdateLogin 1
    RequestId 1
    CreatedBy 1
    LastUpdateDate 2003-11-11
    ProgramId 1
    PersonFirstName sally
    PersonLastName seller
    PrimaryPhone 234-234-3456
    Email sally at theinter dot com

    Could anyone please suggest me how to do this?

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    Do you already have an entity object component and/or a view object component for the data you want to insert? That is, are you just looking for the syntax to transfer the attributes values from your hashmap to a entity object instance or view object row before doing a commit?

    Steve Muench
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    Dear Steve

    Yes I have the Entity Object and View object created I am looking for the Syntax to transfer the data from HashMap to View object. COuld you please let me know how to do this

    Name of the package - ucsCPackage
    Name of the Application Module - ucsCPackageAppModule
    Name of the View Object - UcsLocationsView