Innoopract announces Eclipse based visual Web UI development


News: Innoopract announces Eclipse based visual Web UI development

  1. Innoopract has announced W4T, an Eclipse based visual Web UI toolkit. This Eclipse plugin gives you a full WYSIWG design view (as well as the source view) to develop your Web UI using drag and drop of components. Components (panels, buttons, text fields) and layout managers comparable to the ones in AWT/Swing are provided for the construction of complex and reliable graphical user interfaces (GUIs) for Web applications.
    The W4T UI-components are based on the Java Bean & Servlet standard and clearly demonstrate the capabilities of component-based technology (including JSF).

    All HTML, css and Javascript generation is entirely encapsulated in the W4T Eclipse components. This enables the programmer to code user interfaces for Web applications completely in Java.

    W4T Eclipse complements Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) and middleware solutions with powerful GUI-creation capabilities. The W4T Eclipse is completely J2EE-compatible; the generation of HTML code takes place within a WebContainer using Servlet technology. Therefore, W4T Eclipse can be used on all common J2EE application servers (Servlet-API 2.2). Moreover, it applies the object-oriented approach to Web-front-end development, which has grown to an unchallenged standard in building graphical user interfaces for Windows-, Linux-, and Java-applications.

    Go view the INNOOPRACT W4T Eclipse Plugin
  2. Hi,

    This plugin looks pretty cool, but it still is a programmer/developers tool, not a common man's WYSIWYG editor.

    I am just wondering if there are any open source WYSIWYG java editors available.

    Ramdhan YK
  3. Oracle JDeveloper 10g Offers the same functionality may be better in most ways with the use of UIX, isn't it?
  4. Senthoorkumaran,

    I don't know what INNOOPRACT's strategy is regarding JSF, but I know Oracle will be integrating ADF UIX with JSF. See

    Kito D. Mann
    Author, JSF in Action
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  5. I don't know what INNOOPRACT's strategy is regarding JSF...

    This is what is told in the announcement:
    "Applications developed with W4T Eclipse can run on virtually any application server and W4T Eclipse will support Java Server Faces (JSF) once the JSF specification is complete."

    Ok, it doesn't state how it will be accomplished, but one can guess they may use the same tool and adapt it to generate "JSF code" also. Depending on the similarities between both technologies, this could end up being something easy to do.

    Henrique Steckelberg
  6. Innoopracts JSF Strategy[ Go to top ]

    We are a firm believer in standards (even if they take long to be established :-| ). So we welcome the JSF standard, and we will offer support for JSF in the same way we support W4T. W4T is tailored more directly towards business applications, managing state and multiple user requests transparently for the developer. Beside the code generated, our JSF support will look pretty much like what you can experience now, so this is a good opportunity to see what is possible with component based web UIs. This could be a way for less experienced developers to get a start with web applications in Java.

    Jochen Krause
  7. On the surface this looks really great! I'm surprised that there isn't more of a discussion here about it. Any ideas how this framework compares to Echo ( )? Echo doesn't have a GUI builder, but conceptually its similar and is open source.

    I believe frameworks like this could be a big boost to productivity for developers building typical intranet web applications.