I've a javabean published as a Web Service. The SEI method interface is something like :
public java.lang.String[][] processStringArray2(java.lang.String[][] value);

The problem is when I generate the proxy code, I have a different method interface :
public nbp.tmp.ws.to.ArrayOf_Xsd_String[] processStringArray2(nbp.tmp.ws.to.ArrayOf_Xsd_String[] value) throws java.rmi.RemoteException;

While I would have expected the same interface as the SEI (with a 2 dim array of String).

I believe it conforms to JAX-RPC specs, but could anyone confirm it please ? Is it going to change in the specs ?

My problem is that I would like to create a dynamic business delegate for my service interface which could then send requests to a Web Service or to an EJB Session Stateless. Si these kind of differences is problematic.

The interface of such a thing could be :
//1. to get the EJB interface
ISample lSample = ServiceLocator.get ("java:comp/env/ejb/Sample", ISample.class);

//2. to get the Web service endpoint interface
ISample lSample = ServiceLocator.get ("java:comp/env/service/Sample", ISample.class);

This means having the same remote interface for Web services & EJbs.