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    A client of ours wants us to develop their intranet using the J2EE platform. This system involves the following areas:

    1. HR (leave, salary, attendance etc.)
    2. Training (identifying training needs, training schedules, feedback etc)
    3. Asset management
    4. Recruitment (selecting channels, entire recruitment process till the time the candidate is hired etc.)
    5. Finance (claims processing, voucher handling etc.)
    6. Resource allocation (conference rooms, company accomodation, transport systems)

    This system needs to interface with an existing SAP implementation. At the moment it will be deployed in one city, but may also be implemented in another city as well.

    Is EJB overkill for this?

  2. It depends.

    Does it need complex transaction logic? Do you need to support remote access from rich clients?

    If the answer to either of those questions is yes, EJBs are probably worth the trouble, especially if you avoid entity beans (where most of the complexity of EJBs lie). You can use a simpler persistence layer: JDO/Hibernate/TopLink/JDBC.