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    After a brief hiatus, IDG has decided to resume updating Javaworld with weekly editorial. Along with a few tweaks and some fresh articles, JavaWorld has also added a blog section where you can read comments from JavawWorld columnists.

    Read the editors note and check out

    Re-launch press release:
    JavaWorld Relaunches

    Web site Dedicated To Java Developers And Enthusiasts

    San Francisco, CA (March 22, 2004) – IDG’s JavaWorld announced today that it will relaunch The Web site is accessible directly at

    JavaWorld was launched in 1996 as one of the first commercial publications, and the first such to be published only in Web form, to serve the rapidly growing Java community. JavaWorld will once again launch with hands-on tutorials for both novice and advanced Java programmers, profiles of businesses that use Java for key applications, and coverage of Java-related news and events with additional focus on the business-related information needs of the Java community. In addition, JavaWorld will be hosting guest weblogs, where JavaWorld authors and other Java experts will discuss programming issues and techniques, offer their opinion on where Java is headed, or just speak out about issues affecting the language.

    "JavaWorld has been covering Java since its genesis and has developed quite a loyal readership," said editor Jennifer Orr. "Many Java programmers look to JavaWorld first when searching for programming tutorials, tips, and techniques. Our goal with JavaWorld’s relaunch is to continue to offer our trademark technical articles and also provide a community where programmers can share ideas."

    For more information on JavaWorld, contact Jennifer Orr (editorial), at jorr at javaworld dot com or Doug Detlefsen (advertising), at 415-243-3598 or ddetlefsen at javaworld dot com.

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  2. Good news ![ Go to top ] is the site that help me to solve many of my problems when i have started to learn Java.
    I was very desapointed to learn that site was down :-(

    Go on JavaWorld !
  3. Good News[ Go to top ]

    It's good to have JW back !!!
  4. Very Good[ Go to top ]

    I refer to javaworld probably more than any other site.
  5. Long Live JavaWorld[ Go to top ]

    This is very good news.This is one of my Favourate sites for Java. It is great to see the site back with new Content and Blogs!.

    Srinivasa Marreddy