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    I am trying to consume a .NET Web service from a J2EE client. I am using a dynamic proxy client.

    My java client is able to call the C# method fine, but the parameters are ending up being null on the .net side even though I am sending the parameters with valid values. I have verified that the parameters I am sending have values using a http-trace tool.

    Am I forgetting to format the datatype of the parameter? Although I cannot understand where to do this, my method call is simply: myProxy.echo("Steve")

    The problem has also been discussed here:

    Please help me.

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  2. SOAPAction header headaches[ Go to top ]

    See my response to this problem here.

  3. Solution found ..[ Go to top ]

    Yes, deep deep into that article, the solution is found, but I though I'd share my discovery here, for ease...

    In the .NET Web Service, replace:

    SoapDocumentService with SoapRpcService

    and replace

    SoapDocumentMethod with SoapRpcMethod

    and it works like a charm. Easy huh? .. naaa

    But i would like to raise the question about standards and interoperability, is Java really compliant with the Web Service communication standard with SOAP ?? Or is it .NET that is the bad guy, although it seems they are following soap standards for web services?