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    In the last "WIRED" I saw an article about outsourcing that claimed that developers from India are best ones.

    well.... I doubt it.

    If you have to maintain/improve already existing code then do a search of "@author kumar" or something similar in java code.

    If you get any matches then know that you are screwed.
  2. Come on now[ Go to top ]

    Seriously it's completely wrong to say developers from any particular area are bad just because of their origin.

    Someone else would go @author maris is an equal indication, and they you'd respond with @author ian, etc, etc

    We live in a modern world. Computing is a global discipline. Cost in the United States / Western Europe is a major issue. Have you thought that it's these areas that are expensive rather than India being cheap ?

    Whilst English major be A major discipline the problem of multi-languaged dev teams is one that will have to be solved in the future... just by saying lets not have code from people of a certain origin will not solve the problem.

    I do not say this from the comfort of a job either. I'm unemployed, having being made redundant awhile back.

    Anyways I don't want to start a flame war or anything, just think there has to be a more reasoned way of looking at things.
  3. Hi,

    I can understand yr pain, as i have gone through same, but lets not get into this
    and see whats the root cause of it.

    Have a look at this.

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  5. Not Doubt about it[ Go to top ]

    yes indians are in outsourcing peojects
  6. Try to understand[ Go to top ]


    Indian developers/designers have been setting standards and driving models for a major chunk of the technology that you use today.

    Try to understand (i know its hard for americans) that one of the things that makes them better is that they prefer writng 100 lines of code to writng 6 lines of bu11$hit in a discussion forum.

    >>If you have to maintain/improve already existing code >>then do a search of "@author kumar" or something similar >>in java code.

    If maintainence is the only work left for american developers then c'mon at least be good at THAT.

    Nitin Chaumal
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    I am a little bit confused with the matter of this thread. You know, the world will be more clear if people get rid of prejudicies.
    I wanted to make my colleagues laugh with mimimal effort, therefore I have performed a search by 'April 01 +outsourcing' at Google SE and found this thread. I know that Google make its indexes about two weeks to make site visible in order to avoid spam and site cloaking.

    I am interesting how the messages at this forum became avaible so quickly.