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    The Blitz Project is pleased to announce the release of v2.0.3 of it's OpenSource JavaSpaces implementation.

    Summary of changes:

    * Expanded stats API including tracking of active transactions and instance counts
    * A GUI-based monitoring tool for the stats API, contributed by Inca X
    * Tool to sync/shutdown a Blitz instance
    * Tool to dump contents of a shutdown Blitz JavaSpaces instance (regardless of Storage Model)
    * Standalone installer
    * Various Bugfixes
    * Performance improvements

    Past changes:

    * Configurable storage models support transient, persistent and time-barrier persistent options.

    For complete details, see the Changelog.

    Available for download:

    Blitz Project:

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  2. Updated installer[ Go to top ]

    We've release an updated installer which contains a fix for a broken dashboard script under windows.

    You can find it at:
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    Some people are still following the links from the above posting.

    The site has been reworked somewhat and a lot of it has moved to Please use: