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    My application works with binary data.
    What is the best way to save it?
    Oracle database or filesystem? I need certain arguments.

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    It depends on the size of the data. Pushing large sets of binary set in and out of the database as BLOBs can be awkward. In that case, files might be better. You loose transaction support though.

    If the binary data is small in size, or needs to be updated in a transactional manner, use the database.
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    Then only time siZe should be a factor is between 2GB and 4GB
    Solaris at the very least needs special utilities to deal with
    largefile over 2 GB. Oracle BLOBs can be 4GB.

    The main criteria I use is if the file has to be shared.
    If many systems need access to it, like multiple apps or
    the same app in a cluster, Oracle BLOBs are the way to go.

    Sharing a file system requires either a NFS or Samba mount or rsync
    both of which can get convoluted.

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