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     i am my trying hand at ejb modeling using uml for the first time.i wanted to find what are the recommended diagrams for this activity once use case diagramming is done.how different is it from modeling for a non-component s/w project.
       any pointers / links would be greatly appreciated


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    Most EJB-UML model I have seen is nearly identical to normal UML modeling, with the addition of a few stereotypes to indicate object categories: <<entity>>, <<session>> and sometimes <<stateful session>>, <<DTO>> or other specialized constructs.
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    The RUP has a nice approach to modeling components. You start with the use case diagrams and specifications then create "VOPCs" (view of participating classes) and sequence diagrams for each use case. When you do the sequence diagram you use the boundary, interface, entity, control stereotypes. This would be the analysis phase. Then you move into design and add detail, etc. When the classes are complete you can determine your components using the boundaries in the detail-level sequence diagram. There is a book that covers some of this approach: