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    Dear All :

    The Main problem in my application is:

    i have two jsf page one for tree and another for a shell

    any way , when i deplyed my web application in jwsdp 1.2 with jdk 1.4.2 it work fine and some time it dosen't work in another PC , i try instalation of jwsdp 1.3 but the same problem appear

    the error message is

    HTTP Status 404 - /faces/tree.jsp-

    type Status report

    message /faces/tree.jsp

    description The requested resource (/faces/tree.jsp) is not available.

    i trying to install jsf 1.0 but when i extrace the file and replace these files with JSF file in java -webserver-home the web server didn't start

    do what i do please help me

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    Check out the basic requirements for JSF application


    Attached is the snippet which is relevant to your problem (i hope so)

    All application classes and properties files should be copied into the WEB-INF/classes directory of the WAR file during the build process. JSP pages should be at the top level of the WAR file. The web.xml, faces-config.xml, and extra TLD files should be in the WEB-INF directory. Other resources, such as images, can be at the top level or in a separate directory of the WAR file.

    Bhagvan K