Javalobby launches new Java Knowledge Base


News: Javalobby launches new Java Knowledge Base

  1. Today Javalobby has launched a new feature of the Javalobby Network - the Javalobby Knowledge Base. We hope that this new resource can provide Java developers with the knowledge and information that they need to do their jobs better. Its open to the public, just create a free account and add your articles. We have large selection of pre-made categories and we're happy to add any others you think we've missed.

    Contribute to the knowledge of the community today!

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  2. best link in town : Roedy Green's[ Go to top ]
  3. Uhh... whatever.[ Go to top ]

    Not too impressed. This type of thing already exists in a dozen other places. I already found one item that's almost an advertisement. Plus, I found a "Swing" category in a half-dozen places while browsing around. I really wish JavaLobby would stick to advocacy and not try to be anything else. I don't dislike JavaLobby, but I'm frequently annoyed by it. Am I the only one?