From the Trenches: Implementing SOA at TrueLink


News: From the Trenches: Implementing SOA at TrueLink

  1. Scott Metzger, CTO at True Link, looks at the functionality behind their Enterprise Java applications in the latest BEA dev2dev tech talk. Coverage includes architectural and development challenges they faced building the system, how it was implemented using SOA, how they used a process-driven workflow methodology, and how the developers used Weblogic Integration and its tools.

    Watch From the Trenches: Implementing Service-Oriented Architecture at TrueLink.
  2. Perhaps the fact that after one week on TSS and there is not a single comment to this posting means that the TSS audience, mostly technical, really don't give a toss about SOA?

    It appears that SOA should be left to the realms of marketing. I mean no disrespect to TrueLink but it is interesting to note the deafening silence from this posting. If you haven't read it yet, it is worth the 2-3 minutes it will take to read it.

    My biggest surprise is that Arun Patel, that well known JBoss advocate hasn't got in a comment about them switching from JBoss tosomething that works. :-)