Accessing JAAS login module from SessionBean


EJB design: Accessing JAAS login module from SessionBean

  1. I am trying to access a login module from session bean , its not getting loginmodule class though its kept in same package it say unable to find login module, while from java application class I am able to access and authenticate.what can be the reason.
  2. hi,

    You may be getting this problem when you are trying to instantiate the login context. I hope you have taken care of all the java command line options to be configured while starting up the application server.

    Bhagvan K
  3. Did u set "" property as a command line parameter in server start up script? this property should point to the name of the login config file that contain login module names.
  4. hi,

    what's the name auf the startup file, where i had to config my own config file.
    i want to insert this row into the startup file. i inserted in start_oc4j.bat. but that is not the correct file!!!

    yours, christoph